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5 Key Reasons Organizations Turn To an Application Management Services Partner

In the last few years, organizations have engaged Application Management Services (AMS) Partners at an unprecedented rate.  According to GlobeNewswire, the AMS market size is forecast to cross the $4.1 billion mark by 2025 after clocking a growth rate of 22.3% from 2017 through 2023. 

AMS can take on many forms, from specialized expertise that augments your existing sustainment team, to a fully managed service.

Within every organization, there are mission critical applications – for example ServiceNow, Microsoft Power Platform, SAP, or a custom application that was created for your business.  But, unless the support and evolution of these applications is your core business, you may want to consider working with an AMS Partner.

It’s clear that organizations are experiencing real value from working with AMS Partners that would explain AMS’ growing popularity. When speaking with our clients about their business challenges and why an AMS Partnership might be right for them, 5 key themes emerge time and time again.


1. Higher-Value Work for Your Organization’s Team

Working with an AMS Partner, such as Solvera, frees your organization’s team to focus on higher value contributions aligned to your organization’s core expertise.  Take one of our Energy sector clients as an example.  Rather than focus on the day-to-day care and maintenance of their SAP platform, their team shifted to use their business knowledge to enhance their existing SAP application with functionality to streamline  oil and gas business processes and ensure ongoing compliance to industry regulations – leaving the day-to-day care and maintenance to us.  

That was a smart move, because statistics show that when organizations enable higher value work for their team, employee engagement rises significantly, and productivity increases by 21%.


2. Access to Expertise to Reduced Risk to the Organization

In this market, it can be difficult – and costly - to attract and retain specialized talent that has the depth of experience required for adequate application support.  And, if you only need periodic, part-time access to specific skills, how do you keep them engaged and productive the rest of the time?

Having an AMS Partner like Solvera will give you constant access to a specialized team that will share ownership of risks associated with the stability and performance of the application.

One of our Utilities industry clients was experiencing major challenges associated with coverage for their team’s absences due to unexpected leave, vacation, employee turnover and also to provide extra capacity during heavy demand for certain business cycles.  They resolved this by turning to us as their AMS Partner, and their organization now has a team of specialists onboarded into their environment. Their risk of capacity shortages has essentially been eliminated.


3. Peace of Mind

Just as you know your business inside and out, the same is true for your AMS Partner – they bring proven processes, tools and strategies to provide a high quality, value-driven AMS service. This includes team management, training, SLA management, service and solution governance, and proactive monitoring & reporting for starters.

Your AMS Partner understands that improving processes, tools, and documentation allows them to drive cost efficiencies which translates into better service at a lower cost, freeing up capital to add capability.

What does this mean for your organization?  You will be able to leverage the full benefits of your partner’s expertise – and with that, a peace of mind that can only come from sharing ownership with a partner who is an expert in Application Management Services.


4. Keeping the Application Relevant and Modern

Applications are initially implemented to meet a unique business need. However, many organizations struggle to keep their applications aligned with the ever-changing needs of the business in the long-term.

This is where an AMS Partner such as Solvera can provide what some might see as the highest value – making sure your application is optimized and continuously innovating to help you achieve maximum value from your investment. Take one of our government clients for example.  They had a core legacy application which was becoming challenging to maintain and enhance.  During transition to AMS, we helped them re-platform and modernize this enterprise application, setting the stage to ensure the functionality continues to evolve as business and regulatory requirements change over time.


5. Cost and Efficiency Benefits

Your AMS Partner takes the lessons learned while working with multiple clients and focuses on applying innovation to the way they perform AMS.  This allows them to drive efficiencies which translates into higher value service over time.  Based on your business needs this could be the same service for lower costs, improved service for the same cost, or freeing up capital to enhance the functionality in your suite of applications.

For example, we enabled enhanced self-service functionality and digital workflows for one of our public sector client’s service desk. By making this change, the client was able to provide their users with a more effective service while reducing demand on the AMS team, thereby improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.


Do these 5 Key Reasons resonate with you? Do you think AMS may be the right solution for your business challenges? 

About the author:

Darcy Semeniuk is an experienced leader with a passion for using technology to solve business problems. Darcy’s background encompasses all aspects of the application lifecycle, from development through operations and eventual replacement. For the past 10+ years Darcy has focused on Application Management Services and how best to leverage the capabilities of AMS teams to assist clients in achieving their goals.

To chat with Darcy about Solvera's Application Management Services, contact us.