Digital Transformation

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Accelerate Your Transformation




You need solutions that accelerate your transformation vision, drive business value and enhance service delivery. We deliver.


We work closely with you to build and implement modern digital solutions designed uniquely for your organization. We help you deliver meaningful digital experiences to better serve your people, your citizens and your customers, while streamlining your enterprise operations.

What We Do

Our Business Solutions and Technology Partnerships combine to enable your Digital Business Transformation

Solvera's Unique Value

Unique Combination of Expertise That Sets Us Apart



Technology Partners



Unify Your Enterprise Systems


By fusing our deep expertise in ServiceNow, Microsoft, and SAP platforms, we will help you unify your enterprise systems for a seamless, integrated experience.

Application Solutions Improve service delivery to your customers, employees and citizens with thoughtfully designed and developed custom application solutions, uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs. Learn More

Modern Workplace You’d be amazed by how far you can stretch your Microsoft 365 enterprise platform. Let us guide you in building secure, robust business solutions at a fraction of the time and costs. Learn More

ServiceNow Solutions Achieve your transformation outcomes through our Business Solutions, leveraging the ServiceNow platform. Our experience implementing transformative ServiceNow Solutions spans across government, healthcare and private sector organizations. Learn More

SAP Solutions SAP application expertise to help you implement, upgrade, enhance and support your SAP solutions. Learn More

Application Management Services Experience the benefits of value-driven AMS. We provide low-risk, high-value and flexible managed services and application support for your SAP, ServiceNow, Microsoft and Custom Applications. Learn More

Strategic Consulting Expertise you need to successfully carry out your transformation initiatives, with the ability to assemble multi-disciplinary teams - from Management Consulting to User Experience to Project Management. Learn More

Our Secret Sauce?

It’s more than what we do – it’s HOW we do it.

What has 15+ years experience in implementing transformative solutions for clients done?


It’s given us valuable insights and wisdom. We’ve developed a proven delivery approach that produces outstanding results and value for our clients – time and time again.


Solvera's Approach

Your Need

A flexible delivery approach that takes your organization's needs into account.

We tailor our approach to meet you where you are, and take you where you want to go.


Your, vision, desired business outcomes, people, processes and user experiences are at the heart of HOW we make your solution work perfectly for YOU.

Your Dream

High quality solutions built and implemented with speed and reduced costs.

Our collaborative, iterative and agile mindset make it happen, regardless of your chosen technology solution.

Your Expectation

A relationship built on trust and commitment to success.

We are more than a vendor – with our deep expertise, industry thought leadership, and relationship management model - we intend to become your Partner.