ServiceNow Operational Wellness Check


Your Enterprise Wide Solution

Nearly 7,000 enterprise clients around the world have invested in ServiceNow. The ‘Now’ single cloud platform provides an enterprise-wide solution that integrates workflows across your organization, from HR to IT to Customer Service Management.

The pandemic changed everything, and new demands on your business may have you considering new capabilities you need to serve your employees and clients.

Before looking at adding new applications and tools, consider that you may already have everything you need through your existing ServiceNow platform. A ServiceNow Operational Wellness Check will provide you the long-term platform possibilities and insights you need to make the right decisions for your business.

6 Reasons to Conduct a ServiceNow Operational Wellness Check

ServiceNow Operational Wellness Checks are vital to ensuring your organization is realizing maximum value from your investment in ServiceNow.

What can an assessment of your ServiceNow instance configuration do for you? 


Aligning Technology to Vision and Business Outcomes

Understand how technology aligns with your business objectives. We will help you check in on how your assets stack up to the original intended value of your new technology.  

Your ServiceNow platform can be configured in a way that helps you achieve your unique business outcomes.  Our ServiceNow Solution Advisors can help you uncover improved ServiceNow reports or dashboards that will provide metrics to measure where you are now, and set goals for where you want to go next. Applying leading ITIL-based best practice metrics can help managers focus on the processes that are most important to meet your business objectives.  

Clear View of License Consumption

Assessing licensing can result in better efficiencies. A ServiceNow Operational Wellness Check will investigate things like:

  • How many licences are actively in use, compared to your total spend on licences
  • Are the right people using the system, and what is their rate of consumption over time
  • How can this expense and consumption be optimized  
  • Other licencing models that would better suit your needs

Technical Health Check

Predict the effort required to conduct upgrades, and proactively focus attention on possible pain points. Our Solution Advisors will conduct analysis of any custom coding/configurations you have implemented, and provide a technical report that details any conflicts that may occur when you upgrade to a more current ServiceNow release. 

Release Strategy Advice

Receive knowledgeable advice on how to meet ServiceNow’s mandatory annual release upgrades and develop an ongoing Release Strategy that fits your business objectives. 

Process Evaluation

Discover opportunities for improvement in your processes. Are incidents and requests addressed in the most time-efficient manner?  Where are the bottlenecks?  Have unnecessary work-arounds or approvals crept into your processes over time?  Can further application of ITIL-based best practices improve the speed and effectiveness? Could further automation of frequently used manual services free up staff for higher value-added work?  Are there business areas outside of IT that could benefit by using your existing ServiceNow assets to streamline their processes? 

Optimization of Value

Find out how you can optimize your existing ServiceNow assets to get the most value from their investment. Are there features you have not taken advantage of?  Could refinement of your configuration provide tangible benefits such as faster turnaround on service requests or cost savings on supplies?  Or improve intangible benefits like improved employee morale or customer loyalty? 

A Small Investment Will Reaps Major Rewards

In a short timeframe, our Solution Advisors will provide you a report that can easily translate into a Business Case to outline and justify your ongoing ServiceNow investment.  A small investment in a ServiceNow Operational Wellness service can reap large benefits, with returns that will pay for itself year-over-year. 

Solvera is a trusted ServiceNow Elite Partner with extensive experience implementing and optimizing ServiceNow for our many clients. If you would like to learn more about our ServiceNow Operational Wellness Service and how it can help you make the most of your ServiceNow investment, contact us today!