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ServiceNow Safe Workplace Applications


As We Plan, Let's Make Going Back To The Workplace Work For Everyone

Managing employee health and workplace safety is everyone's number one goal. This suite is designed to help support the health of your workplace and the safety of your workplace.

1. Employee Readiness Surveys

  • Gain visibility into employee wellness and ability to return
  • Survey employees via mobile or desktop
  • Use results to initiate workspace planning and reservations

2. Employee Health Screening

  • Verify employee temperature to confirm it is within guidelines
  • Verify employees have required Personal Protective Equipment
  • Gain visibility into return to workplace trends

3. Workplace PPE Inventory Management

  • Monitor PPE resource needs of your workforce
  • View PPE levels by location and facility
  • Update inventory based on real-time results

4. Workplace Safety Management

  • Schedule employee shifts to pre-configured safe workspaces
  • Automate assignment of cleaning tasks for shift readiness
  • Management insights with full audit trail of cleaning history


Safe Workplace Dashboard

  • Displays data from all the Safe Workplace apps
  • Quickly see the readiness of sites
  • Status of cleaning and availability of PPE in multiple locations
  • Open Safe Workplace apps
  • Visualize global infection rates

Let's Explore Together

We look forward to exploring how these applications could support you and your teams.

For further details on these four applications, download our ServiceNow Safe Workplace Applications Overview.


If you have any questions about these apps or would like a demo, please contact us.

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