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Your business applications are critical to the optimal functioning of your business. Are your apps—and your business—operating at their full potential?

We understand that there are as many apps as there are business services. Solvera can optimize your application portfolio by building custom apps, integrating apps into your business systems, and analyzing your in-house software development teams to ensure peak performance of the team and the apps they manage.

High Quality Applications

Our consultants develop, integrate and support enterprise systems and mobile applications using proven processes and platforms, including Microsoft®-based technologies and industry proven open-source technologies like Java®. We are a Microsoft Partner with Gold Competencies in Software Development, Web Development, Content Management, Portals and Collaboration.

Our Application Development Centre (ADC) includes a Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with a library of standardized templates, support material and interactive training aids for client-tailored projects. We have extensive experience with:

  • customized code generation
  • source code management
  • software modeling
  • development process optimization

Integrating New Applications into Existing Systems

As more applications become cloud-based, communication between local and cloud-based apps becomes more complicated and business-critical. We understand what it takes to adapt new applications to your existing environment and support internal application development. With the support of our ADC your internal Information Technology (IT) departments will be better able to create and sustain enterprise-grade software.

Evaluate and Optimize Your Software Team

Your software development team is under constant pressure to develop and deliver the very efficiencies required for success in your organization. Solvera’s Software Team Evaluation Program (STEP) works with organizations to improve the performance of their software development teams in three key areas:

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Through observation, consultation, and confidential interviews, Solvera will provide an objective picture of strengths, issues, and recommended actions in a comprehensive report.

  • team organization
  • work management
  • development lifecycle

STEP Benefits

  • Increase technical team member retention rates
  • Balance the skills and seniority levels required to meet delivery and cost goals
  • Reduce inefficiencies and risks due to large amounts of work-in-progress
  • Reduce long release cycles
  • Get large feature and defect backlogs under control
  • Help align and clarify priorities for development teams

Let Us Manage Your Apps

Achieve greater certainty and flexibility in both the costs and maintenance of your applications. Solvera is a partner that can manage your application needs and quickly adapt your solutions to your business so that you and your employees can focus on your business priorities. Our managed application services include:

Our flexible delivery model encompasses the full life cycle of applications so they evolve with your business, continue to add value, and remain cost-effective to manage.

  • automated monitoring
  • ITIL best practices
  • Integration with ServiceNow and DevOps processes

Why Choose Solvera

It’s about people, processes and technology. We put our experience to work for you. [or an illustration with three overlapping bubbles or little icons showing people, processes and technology]

Local and Accessible

We call Western Canada home, allowing for the easy communication and flexible delivery model you want for your applications. We can be on-site when you need us.

Trusted Advisors

Solvera is committed to top tier leadership. Our application team is comprised of senior, seasoned professionals that translate their deep cross-industry experience into further value for you.

Proactive Solutions

Whether you need a new enterprise solution, need to streamline your existing apps, or are ready to expand the capabilities of your internal software development team, we can set the roadmap to success—before application issues begin to hold back your operations or business functions.