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COVID-19 Response Solution: SAP Shared Services

Our SAP AMS services can be delivered in a Shared Service model that can augment your existing SAP support team. The service can include a variety of SAP functional and technical speciality services that are requested through a dedicated Solvera service portal.

This on-demand service is delivered through our Solvera SAP Delivery Centre comprised of certified and deeply experienced SAP functional and technical experts.

The offering is simple and we are proposing to be an on-demand service and here to help whenever you may need us.

Benefits of this service are described below:


  • In an effort to reduce costs, this approach can reduce the requirement of full-time resources to a minimum level for meeting your needs. Solvera resources can be engaged on demand to provide services at your peak load requirements
  • This approach negates the requirement for paying for more capacity than is needed

Risk Management:

  • On demand SAP services provide augmented SAP skills capacity when teams have limited cycles for coverage for illness, vacations, and time away
  • Quick capability to add additional resourcing to address in the short-term for spikes in demand related to quick turnaround business needs or project work

Better Business Outcomes:

  • Solvera is accountable for service targets and responsiveness
  • Solvera consultants bring up to date skills/knowledge
  • Allows you to deploy your team on new projects and have us manage the steady state

You’ve made a significant investment in a powerful platform—SAP®. Is that investment still serving your organization?

Whether you are experiencing a period of rapid growth and need to scale up, or your systems need an upgrade and a refresh, we can offer the support you need to evolve your SAP systems to the next level.

Expand your business capability

You’ve used an SAP platform for years, but it’s time for an upgrade. You may not know all the new options, or what formerly custom features are now part of the standard product. As an SAP Partner, Solvera understands best practices for SAP business and technical processes. We can quickly understand your environment and make recommendations for dramatic improvements that take advantage of the latest SAP technology.

Need a simplified user experience ?

If you’re committed to enhancing user experience on your SAP platform, SAP Fiori® streamlines user experience across devices. Solvera can help your customers and employees ‘go mobile’ using your existing SAP platform. We can help you select from a long list of Fiori apps that have the most value for your organization or build a custom-designed Fiori App to enable your unique business requirements.

Need a robust and evolving ERP platform?

If you’re struggling to keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations, technology trends and data integration issues, you may want to get on the road to S/4 HANA®. We’ll analyze your current system and help you build a roadmap to the new platform. Evolve your SAP platform from a transactional system that records data to a modern digital core that provides active real time decision support based on data from internal and external sources.

Maximize the return on your SAP investment

Solvera’s SAP managed services provide multiple options for application management, enhancements, support and project delivery across the SAP solution portfolio. We’ll keep track of the SAP options that will work best for you and identify potential challenges within your SAP landscape before it becomes a problem. We’ll also maintain and enhance your existing investments.

Our flexible delivery model allows you to choose the support framework that works for you. You know how much you’ll spend on maintenance, and we’ll keep your business running smoothly.

Solvera's SAP team offers:

Solvera's SAP team Offers

  • Business process reviews to help improve operational efficiencies.
  • Consulting and support for mission-critical SAP environments, including technical, functional and development services.
  • Platform advisory services including roadmaps to S/4 HANA.
  • Project management, upgrades, enhancements, support and maintenance services.
  • Innovative delivery models, including co-sourcing.

Why Choose Solvera

It’s about people, processes and technology. We put our experience to work for you. [or an illustration with three overlapping bubbles or little icons showing people, processes and technology]

Our people are our strength

With offices in every province in Western Canada, we are available when you need us and can offer local references upon request. Our consultants receive consistent client feedback ratings of ‘exceeding expectations’.

Solvera has made a strategic investment in S/4 HANA training for its entire SAP consulting team. We are always current in our understanding of your SAP solutions. Our employee-based team promotes collaboration, accountability and knowledge transfer to set you up for success.

Certified SAP Implementation Partner

Our commitment to SAP is reflected by our strategic direction within this service line. We have grown and evolved with the SAP platform, and it has been a consistent area of focus, for the last 20 years. Our team is certified in SAP core solutions, including Fiori, HANA, S/4 HANA. Our certified consultants work with dozens of Western Canadian SAP clients.

Cross-Industry experience

Our consultants have worked in a wide variety of industries, including:

We often apply our experience in one industry to a specific problem in another—a valuable combination of design thinking and experience with the technology

  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector
  • Agribusiness
  • Energy
  • Health care

The bottom line

With our broad cross-industry experience and deep understanding of the SAP solution set, we help our clients maintain their existing investment in SAP and take advantage of continual enhancements of the platform—such as Fiori and S/4 HANA.