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Together, Let's do great things with SAP® enterprise applications

You're ready to make a significant investment in a powerful, world-renowned platform - or you already have SAP®.  How can you be sure it will optimally serve your organization?

With over 20 years of delivering SAP® services, Solvera is heavily invested in our SAP® service area. As an SAP® PartnerEdge® Sell and Service partner, we have access to leading information that ensures our team of over 50 deeply experienced SAP® professionals stay current on leading SAP® technologies and best practices and up to date on their certifications, including SAP S/4HANA®.

Solvera’s full suite of SAP® services is illustrated below, showing our successful track record in delivering SAP S/4HANA® assessments, SAP® consulting and SAP® application management services. Through years of service and building strong relationships, we have earned the trust of numerous clients in a wide range of industries.

Our SAP® Offerings

Whether you are experiencing a period of rapid growth and need to scale up, or your systems need to be better integrated to streamline functions and avoid duplication, we offer the expertise you need to introduce you to the efficiencies of SAP® and evolve your existing SAP® systems to the next level.

We begin by working with you to understand your goals and outcomes, leading to recommendations on the latest SAP® technology that will dramatically improve your business function. We specialize in assessing & advising, implementing, upgrading, integrating and supporting your SAP® platforms to ensure that your processes run smoothly.

SAP S/4HANA® - the way of the future

Imagine all your business functions, from Finance to Manufacturing, integrated and managed through one intelligent and evolving ERP platform – that’s what SAP S/4HANA® can do for you. With cloud, on-premise and hybrid options available to best suit your needs, S/4HANA® is the way of the future.

Solvera’s S/4HANA® Assessment & Advisory team will help you look at key influencing factors to be considered in your transition to S/4HANA®. We will analyze your current environment to provide the best migration path to S/4HANA® and a roadmap to optimize your business processes. Following the assessment, we will work with you to migrate to S/4HANA® - providing you a modern and integrated digital core.

Your Road to SAP S/4HANA®

With a thorough understanding of your environment, sizing of effort and cost, and documented business processes, we will provide a high-level roadmap and recommendation to help you make an informed business decision going forward. Solvera will lead you through a journey of transformational change.

For full details on our SAP S/4HANA® Assessment, please click here.

SAP® Application Management Services (AMS) - maximize and manage your SAP® investment

Now that you have invested in SAP, you want to maximize your return on investment. While your people focus on your business, we will focus on your SAP® platform.

Solvera’s western-Canada based SAP® Delivery Centre can take care of all aspects of team management and service delivery. We offer a spectrum of SAP® AMS options, and we are flexible in our delivery model - allowing you to choose the scope and support framework that best suits your needs.

SAP® Shared Services

Our SAP® AMS services can be delivered in a Shared Service model that can augment your existing SAP® support team. The service can include a variety of SAP® functional and technical speciality services that are requested through a dedicated Solvera service portal.

This on-demand service is delivered through our Solvera SAP® Delivery Centre comprised of certified and deeply experienced SAP® functional and technical experts.

The offering is simple and we are proposing to be an on-demand service here to help whenever you may need us.


  • In an effort to reduce costs, this approach can reduce the requirement of full-time resources to a minimum level for meeting your needs. Solvera resources can be engaged on demand to provide services at your peak load requirements
  • This approach negates the requirement for paying for more capacity than is needed

Risk Management

  • On demand SAP® services provide augmented SAP® skills capacity when teams have limited cycles for coverage for illness, vacations, and time away
  • Quick capability to add additional resourcing to address in the short-term for spikes in demand related to quick turnaround business needs or project work

Better Business Outcomes

  • Solvera is accountable for service targets and responsiveness
  • Solvera consultants bring up to date skills/knowledge
  • Allows you to deploy your team on new projects and have us manage the steady state

Benefits of Solvera's SAP® Delivery Centre

  • Simplicity: single provider & point of contact
  • Cost efficiency: only pay for the capacity you need
  • Flexibility: Scalable support to meet peaks in demand on a timely basis
  • Multi-purpose: Turnkey solution to help augment your team when you need it (vacation coverage, employee turnover, etc.)
  • High Quality Resources: Dedicated SAP® experts available when you need them.
  • Service Delivery Management: Delivering to high standards measured by KPIs, SLAs, etc.

SAP ® Business ByDesign® - for small to midsize enterprises

Small to midsize enterprises require a comprehensive ERP cloud solution that is affordable and easy to implement.

With its end-to-end integration, SAP® Business ByDesign® combines your essential business areas all in one comprehensive suite-in-a-box.  Built-in analytics functions provide a 360-degree view of your business areas. 

We will perform an assessment of your current environment to drive out the requirements needed to meet your business challenges. SAP® Business ByDesign®'s modern, intuitive design, will enable us to provide you with a quick and efficient implementation to your new environment.

SAP® SuccessFactors® - leading human capital management

We will help you design and implement SAP® SuccessFactors®, a world-leading Human Capital Management suite that will transform your HR strategies.

Working with our team, you will improve your ability to discover, train, and manage your workforce, while creating special experiences for your employees.

SAP® Licensing

As an SAP® PartnerEdge Sell Partner, we will help you navigate the complexities of licensing your on-premise or cloud SAP® platform investment. SAP® software can scale to your growing business needs. The modular structure of SAP® software licenses allows you to license and pay only for the functionality and capacity needed at any given time.